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Channel settings

To change a channel setting use .chset command as defined below:

.chset <channel> [variable] [value]

For example:

.chset #psotnic aop-bots 2

These settings can also used to make a default configuration with .dset command: .dset variable value The default configuration will be loaded each time you join (or add) a new channel. For example:

.dset aop-bots 2

Also you can use .gset command to apply a single set to all channels:

.gset [variable] [value]

For example:

.gset aop-bots 2

List of all available settings with respective type and acceptable values:

Variable Type Values Description
aop-bots time < 0 - Infinity> number of bots assigned to oping joining +ao ppl
bitch boolean < ON | OFF > turns on/off bitch mode
bot-aop-bots time < 0 - Infinity> number of bots assigned to oping joining bots
bot-aop-mode time < 0 - Infinity> it sets bot autop op mode, when it is set to 2, bots op like in < 0.2.7 versions (fast but insecurity - if someone pretends to be a bot, he migh get oped), when it is set to 1, bots use getop code to gain op only if the number of ppl to kick is not larger then 4, otherwise they use < 0.2.7 op code, when this setting is set to 0, bots will only use get op code (it might be useful when you really care that nobody would spoof bots hosts, but you also do not care whether bots op fast or slow). Additionally when takeover is enabled, bots will always use the fastest op mode (that is 0).
channel-ctcp time < 0 - Infinity> description
check-shit-on-nick-change time < 0 - Infinity> description
clonecheck boolean < ON | OFF > clone protection
dynamic-bans boolean < ON | OFF > turn ON in order to make that the bots remove the bans from the bans list after a specific time. If set OFF the bots will not remove the bans automatically
dynamic-exempts boolean < ON - OFF > like above but for the exempts  
dynamic-invites boolean < ON - OFF > like above but for the invites  
enforce-bans boolean < ON | OFF > turns on/off ban enforcing (=kicking ppl that are matching placed ban)
enforce-limits boolean < ON | OFF > turns on/off limit enforcing, if somebody with +n flag places lower limit then the number of users bots will `remove’ surplus
getop-bots integer < 0 - Infinity > number of bots which bot will ask for op
guardian-bots percentage < 0 - 100 > number of bots which will guard channel modes
idiots integer < 0 - 5 > 0 off
1 remove +a only (if exists)
2 remove +a and the highest level flag. if user will have no flag we’ll give him +d
3 remove all flags for 1st offence. 2nd time +d
4 +d locally
5 +d globally and clear flags for all other channels
invite-on-unban-request time < 0 - Infinity> description
invite_bots integer < 0 - Infinity> number of bots witch bot will ask for invitation
keepout boolean < ON | OFF > when enabled, channel will be kept locked (+i), all not added (not having +v or +o) ppl will be forced to leave :P
limit boolean < ON | OFF > turns on/off autolimit feature
limit-bots integer < 0 - Infinity> number of limit bots assigned to autolimiting
limit-offset integer < 0 - Infinity> autolimit offset (new limit := number_of_users + this value)
limit-time time < 0 - Infinity> autolimit recheck time
limit-time-down time < 0 - Infinity> description
limit-time-up time < 0 - Infinity> description
limit-tolerance integer < 0 - Infinity> tolerance of the limit (:= limit offset this value), this setting prevents too frequent changes of the limit
lockdown boolean < ON | OFF > turns on/off locking of the channel if the number of bots on the channel reaches critical level
lockdown-time time < 0 - Infinity> not used ;-)
owner-limit-time time < 0 - Infinity> description
protect-chmodes time < 0 - Infinity> can protect/forbid channel modes. example: “+nt-ims” will make sure that ‘n’ and ‘t’ are always set, and that ‘i’ ‘m’ and ‘s’ are not set.
punish-bots time < 0 - Infinity> number of bots assigned to kicking ppl that are doing sth nasty
stop-nethack boolean < ON / OFF > turns on/off kicking of -f ppl upon receiving op from the irc serve
strict-bans time < 0 - Infinity> description
takeover boolean < ON | OFF > turns on/off takeover mode
user-exempts enum < 0 | 1 | 2 > 0 every op can set +/-e
1 only owners (+n), bots and servers can set +/-e
2 only exempts added by partyline can be in the list
user-invites enum < 0 | 1 | 2 > like above
user-reops enum < 0 | 1 | 2 > like above
wasoptest boolean < ON | OFF > When it’s set ON the op list is “stored” by the bot/s that split during a net-split and when this bot/s returns from the split it check if the op list is the same and kick all user/s that have been oped during the split.