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Config file

Each instance of running irc bot needs a separate configuration file. There are three types of bots

  • Main (also known as hub)
  • Slave
  • Leaf

Depending on the content of the configuration file psotnic will act as the main bot, slave or as a leaf.

Mandatory options for all bots:

option description
nick bot’s nickname (eg. fido)
realname bot’s real name (eg. Dog in the fog)
nickappend list of characters that will be appended to nick if it is taken (eg. -|`^, this setting is taken in consideration only if altuidnick is set to 0)
myipv4 ip address of the bot (eg., means any address)

Mandatory options for main (aka hub)

option description
listen port on which main is listening for connections from slaves and owners (eg. 12345)
ownerpass md5 sum of owner password for partyline, you will be asked for this password each time you connect to the partyline, in order to generate the password run ./psotnic -p and copy the obtained md5 sum to the config file

Additional options for main

option description
ssl_listen SSL secured port for partyline access, to connect use openssl s_client command (man s_client).

Mandatory options for slave

option description
listen port on which slave is listening for connections from leafes (eg. 12345)
hub ip, port, pass of the main bot (eg. 9000 some_password)

Mandatory options for leafs

option description
hub ip, port, pass and slave handle name (eg. 8000 some_password slave1)

Additional options for leafs

option description
alt ip, port of alternative slave (eg. 1111.111.222.222 9000, it can be set more than once)

Additional options for all bots

option description
ident bot’s username (default: same as account name)
handle bot’s handle that is visible in the partyline (default: same as nick)
vhost ipv4 or ipv6 address (e.g: or 3ffe:2f4:56:35:0:0:0:23), domain names are not supported (default: determined by the operating system)
logfile file where bot logs some actions (default: /dev/null :)
userlist userlist (aka. userfile) will be stored there (default: $nick.ul)
altuidnick turns on/off changing of nick to 0 when nick is taken (by default it is turned ON)
ctcptype ctcp version (default: random).
Available options:
0 none
1 psotnic
2 irssi
3 epic
4 lice
5 bitchx
6 dzony loker
7 luzik
8 mirc 6.14
keepnick keepnick (default: 0)
kickreason kick reason used for most kicks
limitreason kick reason used when somebody overrides channel limit
keepoutreason kick reason for keepout setting
partreason part reason
quitreason quit reason
cyclereason cycle reason
bnc ip, port, pass of the bnc (only BNC from is supported)
router ip, port, pass of the router (only cisco routers are supported)

Additional options for all bots, those options can be set more than once.

option description  
server ipv4 (or ipv6 in case of 0.2.3 or newer) address and port of irc server. Additionally you can add a password, if this is necessary to connect. (eg. 218.234.456.123 6667 password)
server6 ipv6 address and port of the irc server (e.g: 3ffe:2f4:56:35:0:0:0:23 6667) (this option has been removed in 0.2.3 version)
ssl_server specifies SSL server, syntax is the same as in server option