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for 0.2.14:

[x] fix customData ([C]167)
[x] new module support, port all modules and remove framework (patrick)
[x] rename protect-chmodes to mode-lock and get old protect-chmodes back (patrick)
[x] .mpart should not remove the channel as .-chan does (patrick)
[x] AUTHORS file instead of credits at the top of CHANGELOG (patrick)
[x] slaves/leafs should be able to request shit, especially for modules (patrick)
[x] analyse 005, at least CHANMODES (patrick)
[x] who(is) after connecting for ircds which don’t send hostmask in 001 (patrick)
[x] config file generator, ./psotnic -n ([C]167)
[x] remove module.cpp and modules/module.h, all these wrapper functions are not needed anymore (patrick, [C]167)
[x] variable synlevels for ircds that don’t support eIR (patrick)

0.3.0 or later:

[ ] new branch without compatibility toggles
[ ] modules must be able to add variables to config file - hashtable?
? [ ] remove some unnecessary features like away, anti-idle, ctcp spoofing (default version reply should be the psotnic version), oidentd spoofing and make modules for that
[ ] checkKeepout() should not be executed every time
[ ] use chars instead of static FLAG_* and save its arguments too
[ ] rewrite mode-lock: entString and a parser like in class-chan-gotmode.cpp
[ ] remove entChattr class
[ ] remove debug/dynamic/static from Makefile, default must be dynamic, maybe ./configure –debug, what about static?
[/] make install ([C]167)
[ ] use calculatePenalty() function, currenty in “raw” module (patrick)
[ ] unify +/-shit,exempt,invite,reop syntax (#chan as first or last parameter?)
[ ] make a module to support euIRC-like modes (! and *) or set +c on connect ([C]167)